AS710R/AS850R | Ride-On Scrubber Dryer | Viber

Viper's AS710R/AS850R medium ride-on scrubber dryers provide unmatched floor cleaning equipment, emphasizing ease-of-use. With its built-in charger, ergonomic controls, and reduced pushing force, this ride-on scrubber dryer is exceptionally user-friendly.

The integrated tank system increases capacity, providing excellent value for money. Available in both cable and battery versions, this medium ride-on scrubber dryer offers the flexibility to meet all of your floor cleaning equipment needs.


Key Benefits:

  • simple to use: intuitive dashboard, a one touch button, and an easy-to-use settings menu
  • Strong and durable: To raise or lower the brush or squeegee, use a mechanical method. Additionally, the front bumper option safeguards the equipment for a longer lifespan.
  • dependable and secure  Automatic speed reduction control and a safety switch-equipped comfortable seat. For simple machine transfer in tight spaces, the recovery tank has a built-in squeegee hanging mechanism.
  • A USB port allows for quick charging of your phone while serving as storage for other devices.
  • Easy plug-in and battery charging at any outlet is made possible with an integrated on-board charger.
  • Easy cleaning is made possible by the recovery tank's large opening.


About the Brand:

Discover Viper, a part of Nilfisk Group's family of superior cleaning equipment. Viper offers affordable, easy-to-use professional cleaning solutions for every need. Explore now!


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