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The PowerBoss Atlas sweeper provides superior sweeping performance and unmatched dust control in a direct throw clamshell designed platform. The Atlas offers a significantly impressive sweeping path ranging from 64-84” and hopper capacity of 16ft^3 and emptying weight capacity of 1,200 lbs. Built with a reliable Kubota engine and all steel construction the Atlas offers weatherproof design. Hydraulic functions and an easy-access engine compartment ensure maintenance is efficient and accessible. An operator’s safety window compliments it’s high dumping emptying height of 60”. Additional dust suppression options available including HEPA, MERV-17 and water misting solutions. General construction, parking lots, warehousing, manufacturing, rental companies prefer the simplicity and reliability of the Atlas. 


Key Benefits:

  • Agricultural Grade All-Steel Construction
  • 48” Main Broom Sweeping Path
  • 64”/84” Sweeping width w/Single or Dual Side Sweep
  • 16ft^3 Hopper Capacity
  • 1,200 lb. Hopper Lifting Capacity
  • 60” Variable Dump Height
  • 4 Stage Dust Control
  • Dual Dust Panel Filtration to 1 Micron @ 99% efficiency
  • Kubota Engine – LPG, Gasoline, or Diesel
  • Productivity of 184,000ft^2 per hour
  • HEPA/MERV 99.7% efficiency 0.3 Microns (option)
  • No Tools Change Brushes and Filters


About The Brand

PowerBoss provides robust cleaning machines for industrial settings, emphasizing efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and a healthier workplace. Their 35 years in business highlight their commitment to innovative cleaning solutions, tailored services, and ongoing support.


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