ATTIX 961-01 16A 230/1/50 EU | Industrial Vacuum Cleaner | Nilfisk

Upgrade to the reliable and efficient Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, the ATTIX 961-01 16A 230/1/50 EU from Nilfisk. With a big 70-liter stainless-steel container, the need for emptying is minimized, ensuring longer working time. Its high suction power and low sound enable it to be used in a wide variety of conditions, making it suitable for industrial applications. The ATTIX 961-01 is designed to go on cleaning powerfully and quickly, day-in and day-out, for both spills and maintenance cleaning – even in the toughest conditions. With its 38 mm standard equipment, it's a "Plug & Play" ready-to-use machine. Upgrade to a better design and reduce your cleaning costs with the ATTIX 961-01 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner from Nilfisk.

Key Benefits:

  • Dual-motor industrial performance: ensures powerful and efficient cleaning, making it the perfect Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for tough cleaning tasks.
  • High-quality stainless-steel container: features a tilt and lift-off option, ensuring easy emptying and maximum durability.
  • Washable PET fleece filter: with minimum 99.9% filtration efficiency, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.
  • Multi-Fit accessory system: provides ultimate task flexibility, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • Accessory storage and tool deposit: for convenient storage and access to tools and accessories, ensuring easy and efficient cleaning.

Upgrade to the best Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and experience the benefits of the ATTIX 961-01 16A 230/1/50 EU from Nilfisk. Its dual-motor industrial performance, high-quality stainless-steel container with tilt and lift-off option, washable PET fleece filter, Multi-Fit accessory system, and accessory storage and tool deposit ensure powerful and efficient cleaning, easy emptying, ultimate task flexibility, and convenient storage and access to tools and accessories. Get the ATTIX 961-01 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner today and take your cleaning to the next level.

About the Brand:

Nilfisk offers a broad range of professional cleaning machines and equipment tailored for commercial and industrial settings. With a century of experience, they prioritize durability, efficiency, and a cleaner work environment, alongside customized solutions and extensive support.


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