Belzona 1212 | Epoxy Metal | Repair Composite

Looking for a reliable epoxy metal repair composite that can be applied to wet and oil-contaminated surfaces? Belzona 1212 is a 2-part surface-tolerant epoxy composite that exhibits rapid cure and excellent adhesion to manually prepared substrates. This solvent-free material is easy to mix and apply without specialist tools, making it ideal for repair kits and emergency situations.

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-purpose durable surface-tolerant repair composite
  • Exhibits excellent adhesion to manually prepared damp, oil contaminated and underwater substrates
  • Rapid cure even at low temperatures allows for emergency in-situ repairs without the need for hot work
  • Excellent mechanical properties ensuring durability and longevity in service
  • Simple 1:1 volume mix ratio makes it easy to mix and apply with no need for specialist tools
  • Ideal for repair kits and emergency repair due to its versatility in use
  • Reduced health and safety risks as it is solvent-free
  • Outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Can be machined using conventional tools

Applications of Belzona 1212, Epoxy Metal Repair Composite:

  • Plate bonding, corrosion pit filling and localized repair of wet, sweating or oil contaminated pipes where grit blasting cannot be achieved
  • In-situ sealing of oil and fluid leaks on storage tanks, engines, gearboxes, transformers and sumps
  • Long-term repair of offshore structures and marine equipment, including ship hulls, rudders, propellers and ballast tanks without taking the ship out of service
  • Underwater repairs, ideal for use in splash zones and coastal structures 


About the Brand:

Belzona specializes in high-performance industrial coatings, repair composites, and maintenance materials, catering to sectors like oil and gas, power, and mining. Their 60+ years in business emphasize durable, easy-to-apply solutions to enhance machinery lifespan, reduce downtime, and cut maintenance costs.


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