Belzona 1341 | Supermetalglide | Epoxy Coating

Looking for a top-quality solution to improve the efficiency of your fluid handling equipment, while also protecting it from erosion and corrosion? Look no further than our 2-part epoxy coating!

Our high-performance product is specially designed to provide excellent corrosion protection and lower maintenance costs, while also reducing energy consumption. Featuring hydrophobic technology that repels process fluids and reduces turbulent flow, Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide) improves pump efficiency by up to 7% on new equipment and up to 20% on refurbished equipment.

In addition to its superior epoxy protection and corrosion resistance, this product also offers outstanding chemical resistance, making it ideal for use in a variety of demanding environments. So why wait? Invest in our top-quality epoxy coating today and enjoy improved efficiency and long-lasting protection for your fluid-handling equipment!

Key Benefits:

  • Improved efficiency of pumps, pipes, valves and other equipment
  • Long-term erosion and corrosion protection
  • Excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals
  • Suitable for contact with potable water
  • Reduced health and safety risks as it is solvent-free
  • Application and cure at room temperature - no hot work involved
  • Long working life
  • Excellent bonding to metals including stainless steel, duplex steels, carbon steel, aluminium, cast iron and bronze as well as specialist alloys and other materials

Applications of Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide), Epoxy Coating:

  • Enhancing performance of centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps
  • Protecting pump volutes and impellers from erosion and corrosion
  • Internal pipe coatings to increase fluid flow
  • Long-term corrosion protection of tube sheets heat exchangers, water boxes and water tanks
  • Reducing material hang-up in chutes and hoppers
  • Erosion-resistant coating for leading edge protection on wind turbine blades.

    Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide) is suitable for contact with potable water as it is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and satisfies the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate requirements.

About the Brand:

Belzona specializes in high-performance industrial coatings, repair composites, and maintenance materials, catering to sectors like oil and gas, power, and mining. Their 60+ years in business emphasize durable, easy-to-apply solutions to enhance machinery lifespan, reduce downtime, and cut maintenance costs.


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