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Introducing Elegance Rigid 55, our new click modular vinyl flooring solution made in Europe, perfect for a fast renovation project in light commercial traffic areas (housing, hotel rooms).
The new Tarkett GenClick® system, combined with our SPC technology, offer a quick and easy installation, even possible on ceramic tiles, underfloor heating and cooling systems.
Save time and money on your renovation projects. No need to add an additional acoustic underlay as it's the acoustinc backing is integrated.
The range features TEKTANIUM® PU coating, which delivers unequalled resistance to scratches, abrasions, wear, stains and is the easiest to clean.
Moreover, it offers a pure ultra-matt finish. By mixing ultra matt effect with excellent resistance and durability properties, the surface of your flooring appears more realistic and lasts longer.

The range also features a good dimensional stability (up to 50°C), meaning it can withstand high temperature variations in the room.

The entire range of designs, from stone to wood effects, creates a timeless and natural interior. All décors can be mixed and matched to create flexible and modular spaces.


Key Features:

  • Made in Europe
  • New Rigid click profile
  • New Tektanium® surface treatment
  • New Tarkett patented GenClick®
  • Unequalled Resistance
  • Ultra-matt finish
  • Good dimensional stability (up to 50°C)
  • Durable (20-year warranty for light commercial use)


About The Brand

Tarkett provides diverse, high-quality flooring options for various spaces, blending style, functionality, and a commitment to sustainability. They are a go-to choice for architects and homeowners, offering extensive support services and eco-friendly selections.


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