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The handy FinishControl 3500 paint spraying system is ideal for lacquers and FineFinish applications, touch-up and repair work, as well as small projects such as the coating of doors and accent walls. The paint spraying system works with XVLP technology (Extra Volume Low Pressure), a spray technique based on HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure), but with a higher atomization rate, which creates a particularly fine spray pattern. The ease of use, quick cleaning and compact size make FinishControl the perfect choice.


Key benefits:

  • Handy : The smallest in class accompanies you on all job sites with a convenient carrying strap.
  • Flexible : Ideal for repair jobs and restoration projects up to 50 m².
  • Compact and portable : The practical transport case offers space for the machine and two additional spraying attachments, which can be transported upright and filled.

About the Brand:

For over seven decades, Wagner has provided innovative painting and coating tools, including sprayers and rollers, catering to professionals and hobbyists alike. Their commitment to efficiency, waste reduction, and top-tier finishes spans automotive to furniture industries.


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