iQ Optima | Homogeneous Vinyl | Tarkett

Available in an amazing palette of 64 colors across a range of formats and accessories, IQ Optima is a genuine multi-solution offer adapted for education and healthcare facilities. Part of the IQ range, this collection offers extreme durability as well as superior wear, stain and abrasion resistance for heavy-traffic areas, giving it one of the best life-cycle costs on the market. No need for polish or wax, a simple dry-buffing is enough to restore this floor's original appearance.


Key Features:

  • Made in Sweden
  • Circular Selection
  • Available in 64 colours
  • Best life-cycle cost on the market
  • Unique dry-buffing surface restoration
  • Part of a multi-solution offer


About The Brand

Tarkett provides diverse, high-quality flooring options for various spaces, blending style, functionality, and a commitment to sustainability. They are a go-to choice for architects and homeowners, offering extensive support services and eco-friendly selections.


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