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The iQ Surface vinyl flooring collection is a solution that empowers designers and architects. Developed in collaboration with Note Design studio, it is a collection where function, color and form can take up equal space, and where a sustainable industrial material in five beautiful color families invites new interpretations and perspectives. The collection's five color families can be combined with each other and also go well with other materials such as metal, stone, wood and glass.

In combination with the innovative use of colored welding rods, the collection becomes a springboard for new creative expressions. iQ Surface has all the cutting-edge innovation of Tarkett configured towards the most creative of applications.

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At just 2mm thickness, iq Surface carries the lifelong performance of Tarkett iQ homogeneous vinyl and is able to withstand decades of constant use without diminishing in its appearance.


Key Features:

  • Made in Sweden
  • Circular Selection : Re-Start, including post-use recycling
  • Life long performance
  • Unique dry-buffingsurface restoration
  • A collection for floor, wall and furniture
  • Unique mix and match welding rods


About The Brand

Tarkett provides diverse, high-quality flooring options for various spaces, blending style, functionality, and a commitment to sustainability. They are a go-to choice for architects and homeowners, offering extensive support services and eco-friendly selections.


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