MC 10P-1100/900 440 | High Pressure Washer | Nilfisk

Looking for an industrial cleaning machine that can tackle tough cleaning jobs with ease? Look no further than the MC 10P VHP (very high-pressure washer) from Nilfisk.

This high pressure washer is perfect for knocking paint and rust off ships, preparing surfaces for repair, or blasting through solid materials. 

Its high power allows crews to clean or prepare surfaces for maintenance and repair, making it ideal for high pressure surface preparation of ship exteriors or blasting concrete from scaffolds on construction sites. 

Invest in the MC 10P high pressure washer and experience the ultimate in industrial cleaning machine technology for heavy-duty outdoor cleaning tasks.


Key Benefits:

  • Experience powerful high-pressure water application ranging from 500 to 1100 bars for tough industrial cleaning jobs with this high pressure washer.
  • Two-sided interface setup for fast and easy overview of machine operation, making it a breeze to use this industrial cleaning machine.
  • Large four-wheel setup, making it easy to rollover obstacles and moorings, ensuring that this high pressure washer can handle a variety of surfaces.
  • Color-coded touch points for improved safety and more intuitive operation, ensuring that users can operate this industrial cleaning machine with ease and confidence.
  • Tilting and turning capability give users more mobility on both smooth and rough surfaces, ensuring that you can clean even hard-to-reach spaces with this high pressure washer.
  • Dedicated onboard accessory storage for easy access to and protection of equipment accessories, making it convenient to store and access everything you need for efficient cleaning.
  • Removable hose storage mechanism that requires no tools to service, ensuring that this high pressure washer is easy to maintain and service.
  • Side-mounted power cable and spray gun for quick access and easy storage, ensuring that this industrial cleaning machine is always ready for action.
  • Robust locking wheel brake, ensuring optimal user safety, especially on moving surfaces, making it safe to use this high pressure washer in a variety of settings.
  • Viewable glass oil reservoir, allowing users to instantly check vital fluids, making it easy to keep this industrial cleaning machine in top working condition.

About the Brand:

Nilfisk offers a broad range of professional cleaning machines and equipment tailored for commercial and industrial settings. With a century of experience, they prioritize durability, efficiency, and a cleaner work environment, alongside customized solutions and extensive support.


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