MC 3C-130/660 220/1/60/15 | EXPT High Pressure Washer | Nilfisk

Looking for a high pressure washer and industrial cleaning machine that's perfect for light, general cleaning tasks? Look no further than Nilfisk's MC 3C-130/660 220/1/60/15 EXPT. Designed for low to medium intensity use, the MC 3C is the ideal choice for tradespeople, small building companies, small garages, and farms. 

Equipped with a professional 2800 rpm motor pump unit with stainless steel pistons, this range is perfect for light cleaning tasks. 

The MC 3C comes with two new user-friendly features, including a special holder for the spray gun to protect it during transport and an innovative turnable electrical cable hook that simplifies preparation and storage. Experience the unbeatable quality and performance of Nilfisk's MC 3C-130/660 220/1/60/15 EXPT high pressure washer and industrial cleaning machine.

Order now and take advantage of its innovative features and professional-grade performance.


Key Benefits:

  • Powered by a high-quality 2800 rpm motor pump, providing efficient cleaning power.
  • Brass pump head and three stainless steel pistons ensure durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Pressure-activated unloader system for easy regulation of water pressure.
  • Pump oil tank with oil level sight and fill/empty function for easy maintenance.
  • Easy opening and removing of cabinets for access to the pump, simplifying maintenance.
  • Innovative spray gun holder protects the spray gun from damage during storage and transport.
  • Turnable cable hook for easier removal and wind-up of power cable, simplifying preparation and storage.
  • Robust design with larger 250 mm wheels optimizes transport over rough surfaces and steps.
  • Aluminum lifting bar for easy lifting and transport.

Choose Nilfisk's MC 3C-130/660 220/1/60/15 EXPT high pressure washer and industrial cleaning machine for its powerful motor pump, durable design, easy maintenance features, innovative spray gun holder and cable hook, and robust wheels and lifting bar. 

Experience unbeatable quality and performance in an industrial cleaning machine and high pressure washer. Order now and take advantage of its advanced features.

About the Brand:

Nilfisk offers a broad range of professional cleaning machines and equipment tailored for commercial and industrial settings. With a century of experience, they prioritize durability, efficiency, and a cleaner work environment, alongside customized solutions and extensive support.


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