MC 9P-350/1260 400/3/50 | Electrical VHP | Nilfisk

From ship corridors to cargo containers, the MC 9P very high pressure washer is uniquely designed for cleaning in narrow spaces and construction sites with great efficiency.

The MC 9P design makes it perfect for maneuvering around ship interiors, as well as across uneven surfaces and moving platforms.  The MC 9P also features upgraded crane lift support and balancing, for safe and easy transport on and off ships.


Key benefits:

  • Powerful high-pressure water application, ranging from 350 to 500 bars for cleanup of tough jobs
  • Two-sided interface setup, for fast and easy overview of machine operation
  • A protected water inlet, placed in a high position for easy hose mounting and dismounting
  • Anti-corrosive steel frame design for reduced wear and tear in harsh marine conditions
  • Large four-wheel setup for easy rollover across obstacles and moorings
  • Color-coded touch points for improved safety and intuitive operation
  • Tilting and turning capability for more mobility on smooth and rough surfaces
  • Dedicated onboard storage for easy access to accessories and equipment 
  • A removable hose storage mechanism that requires no tools to service
  • A robust locking wheel brake for optimum user safety, especially on moving surfaces
  • A viewable glass oil reservoir, so users can instantly check vital fluids
  • CE certified according to EN standard: 1829-1


About the Brand:

Nilfisk offers a broad range of professional cleaning machines and equipment tailored for commercial and industrial settings. With a century of experience, they prioritize durability, efficiency, and a cleaner work environment, alongside customized solutions and extensive support.


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