Mosque Carpet Collection | Welspun

A collection of elegant carpet designs created especially for religious buildings.

The collection is inspired by traditional mosque architecture. Merging the inspiration from symbolic motifs and traditional designs, to modern interpretations; the Mihrab Collection offers an exhaustive array of styles not only to enhance the aesthetics of the interior but also supplementing holistic experience for praying.

The Mihrab collection presents 15 designs in 4 color combinations each - offering a refreshing diversity with an updated modernized approach to color and design.

Characterized by a distinctive amalgamation of rich tones, bold geometric shapes, floral patterns, ornate classic ornamentation, and cultural sensibilities, helps create both a versatile and functional foundation for a stunning yet elegant décor for the most tasteful interior setting for years to come.


About The Brand

Welspun Carpets is a leading provider of innovative and durable carpet tiles for homes, supported by a strong focus on sustainability, design variety, and expert services. They are a preferred choice for homeowners and designers seeking quality and eco-friendly options.


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