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The ProSpray 3.20 is a tried-and-tested piston pump that WAGNER offers professional looking to explore the advantages of airless spray technology. Efficient and professional.

The ProSpray 3.20 airless entry-level device is part of the robust ProSpray range. The tried-and-tested piston pump technology features ideal material delivery and low wear. The compact construction of the PS 3.20 ensures excellent, fatigue-free operation on project sites. Ideal applications include medium-sized projects with materials such as interior emulsion paints. Wood and metal paints and varnishes can be processed using a top hopper (5l). Profit from this modern technology and excellent value for money today. Professional. Profitable. ProSpray.

Key Benefits:

  • HEA pressure gauge: a longer service life thanks to innovative HEA low-pressure airless technology and optimised control over the spray pressure range
  • HEA 517 nozzle: for a soft spray pattern and up to 55 % less spray mist
  • Hose management: for optimised storage of the hose
  • Valve depressor: for high levels of operating safety and easy start-up. The inlet valve is released with the press of a finger.
  • With flexible suction system: for simple intake directly from the original container
  • Good performance at an attractive price: for medium-sized projects, ideal for interior emulsion paints
  • User-friendly: easy to operate and a reduced number of settings options makes starting up the sprayer easier. The HEA pressure gauge offers optimised control and adjustment of the pressure range.


About The Brand

For over seven decades, Wagner has provided innovative painting and coating tools, including sprayers and rollers, catering to professionals and hobbyists alike. Their commitment to efficiency, waste reduction, and top-tier finishes spans automotive to furniture industries.


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