ProSpray 3.21 HEA Spraypack - Building trade | Piston Pump | Wagner

For all airless beginners who need a spraying device for coating small objects up to 200 m² such as If you are looking for doors, railings, furniture, wood paneling, fences, radiators and steel parts, interior walls and facades, the ProSpray 3.21 HEA airless piston pump from WAGNER is ideal. It reliably processes emulsion paints, undercoats, fillers, primers and latex paints. The small airless piston pump can be transported easily and cleaned quickly.


Key benefits:

  • Innovative, low-pressure airless technology: up to 55% less overspray
  • Optimum value-for-money: Ideal for all users who mostly spray-coat small surfaces
  • For trouble-free operation: Integrated high-pressure filter
  • Compact design with outstanding performance data: 0.023“ nozzle size, 2.0 l/min Max. delivery rate, 16 kg weight
  • With flexible suction system for simple intake directly from the original container Innovative
  • ProSpray product features: Piston lubricated at the touch of a button - inlet valve depressor for outstandingly reliable operation - and much more

About the Brand:

For over seven decades, Wagner has provided innovative painting and coating tools, including sprayers and rollers, catering to professionals and hobbyists alike. Their commitment to efficiency, waste reduction, and top-tier finishes spans automotive to furniture industries.


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