PS 3.34 Airless Spraypack | Piston Pump | Wagner

The ProSpray 3.34 Airless Piston Pump by WAGNER is a state-of-the-art spraying unit that offers efficient and speedy spraying solutions for large construction sites.

This powerful tool is perfect for processing various materials like emulsions, facade paints, fire protections, structural waterproofing, and bituminous coatings. 

You can also use additional accessories such as the fine finishing nozzle to apply other materials, including enamels, primers, oils, and greases with precision. Equipped with multiple ProSpray features, including the quick-change fluid section and the DigiTrac Control digital display, this sturdy paint spraying system delivers superior results.

Key Benefits:

  • For large building sites: Powerful and robust
  • Faster than ever: Quick-change fluid section for ease of servicing and shorter reaction times
  • Innovative ProSpray product features: A digital display shows machine data for monitoring directly on the unit - tilting trolley - integrated high-pressure filter - and much more.


About The Brand

For over seven decades, Wagner has provided innovative painting and coating tools, including sprayers and rollers, catering to professionals and hobbyists alike. Their commitment to efficiency, waste reduction, and top-tier finishes spans automotive to furniture industries.


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