Ruby 70 | Heterogeneous Vinyl | Tarkett

Ideally suited for heavy traffic environments in Education, Hospital and Aged Care facilities, the Ruby range includes compact and acoustic versions for design harmony with no compromise on technical performance. Thanks to softer embossing, the Ruby 70 range is easier to maintain due to less dirt gathering in the embossed surface. The 32 colour range has a wide pallet of very colourful references for maximum choice in education environments, and includes 4 wood species, ideal for the aged care segment.


Key Features:

  • Made in Europe
  • 32 colour range specially designed to address both Education and Aged Care environments
  • Ideal for heavy traffic areas: 0.70 mm PVC wear layer
  • TopClean™ PUR reinforced surface treatment
  • Good resistance to scuff, soiling and staining


About The Brand

Tarkett provides diverse, high-quality flooring options for various spaces, blending style, functionality, and a commitment to sustainability. They are a go-to choice for architects and homeowners, offering extensive support services and eco-friendly selections.


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