SAS200 | Suspended Ceilings | SAS International

SAS200 is one of the most adaptable metal ceiling systems available from SAS International, ideal for bespoke applications. Modules can be manufactured in a variety of ways depending on application. The shape and size of the tiles are only limited by the inherent material properties. Each module includes a 3mm hidden gasket to aid installation, forming a shadow gap improving uniformity and overall aesthetic appeal.


Key Feature:

  • Tiles can be manufactured to fit any module size and shape (within limitations of material)
  • Fully demountable tiles without the need for access tool
  • Square edged tiles
  • Closed recess joints using a 3mm black foam, recessed gasket
  • Concealed grid (SAS J-Bar suspension method)
  • Minimum 25 year product life expectancy

About the Brand:

SAS specializes in metal ceiling solutions for a wide range of spaces, offering durability, easy installation, and sustainability. They are a trusted partner for designers and contractors, focusing on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


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