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SAS330 forms part of our premium offering with a host of value-added design elements.

A profile suspended ceiling, the system is available in a tartan or linear grid form, suitable for any building module. Ceiling tiles can be of any shape, in up to 3m lengths and available in a variety of finishes.

The design flexibility of SAS330 allows for complete void access, total service integration and also offers lighting integration. Signage and partitioning can be seamlessly integrated via the M6 threaded Omega C-Profile. Alternatively, we offer a flush, plain C-Profile for a clean, purist aesthetic. Either profile has the option of a gasket to aid precision, uniform installation.


Key Feature:

  • Unprecedented range of tile sizes to suit any building module
  • Flexible layouts for relocation of partitions (Omega C-Profile)
  • Optional hinge down mechanisms
  • Profile suspension grid (SAS C-Profile, SAS - Narrow C-Profile, or SAS Omega C-Profile suspension method)
  • Linear (SAS330L) and Tartan (SAS330T) grid options
  • Continuous lighting and return air C Profile integration
  • Optional Radiant Chilled Ceiling solution (SAS330C)
  • Can be configured as Open Grid
  • Suitable for corridor applications
  • ​Minimum 25 year product life expectancy


About the Brand:

SAS specializes in metal ceiling solutions for a wide range of spaces, offering durability, easy installation, and sustainability. They are a trusted partner for designers and contractors, focusing on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


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