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Our waveform baffles offer the same acoustic advantages of 
SAS500, the significant difference being the shape of each baffle. The radii of the baffles can form individual elements or continual, rhythmic lines stretching across a ceiling plane.

Baffles offer an attractive acoustic solution to specifiers seeking an exposed soffit or buildings operating thermal mass cooling.


Key Feature:

  • Waveform baffles for enhanced visual interest
  • Deeper modules exceeding 500mm depths
  • Superior acoustic performance due to double faced, deeper panels
  • Ideal acoustic treatment for open, exposed interiors and thermal mass cooling
  • Complete access to services due to nature of system
  • Baffles can be suspended in varying heights and angles for visual interest
  • Different sizes, shapes and colours of baffles can be combined to create visually arresting interiors
  • Minimum 25 year product life expectancy


About the Brand:

SAS specializes in metal ceiling solutions for a wide range of spaces, offering durability, easy installation, and sustainability. They are a trusted partner for designers and contractors, focusing on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


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