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Looking for an industrial steam cleaner that can handle even the toughest cleaning and disinfection jobs? Look no further than the Nilfisk SDV models. These lab-certified steam cleaners are built for heavy-duty, multi-purpose cleaning and disinfection, with detergent-injection capabilities to make it easier to disinfect and dry the toughest, most hazardous environments.

The SDV models are both chemical-ready and vacuum-equipped, offering optimal cleaning performance and versatility. The smaller-capacity 4500 model is ideal for shorter-duration use, while the full-size 8000 model can run for up to 12 hours without a break.

With a boost function for added suction power, the SDV models ensure optimal performance even in the toughest environments. And with a best-in-class sound pressure level of just 60 dB(A), daytime cleaning is a viable option.

Featuring extreme mobility, a long runtime, and a best-in-class charge time of only 40 minutes, the SDV models offer extraordinary productivity. Switching between two 36V Lithium batteries enables you to work non-stop, making it the perfect choice for any commercial or industrial cleaning job.

Invest in the Nilfisk SDV industrial steam cleaner today and experience the difference for yourself. With its unbeatable performance and versatility, you won't be disappointed!


Key Benefits:

  • High pressure: The SDV models offer 4.5 bar pressure (SDV4500) or 8 bar pressure (SDV8000), with 1.8L or 3.3L boiler capacity respectively, ensuring optimal cleaning performance even in the toughest environments.
  • Maximum continuous use: The SDV models offer maximum continuous use of up to 6 hours (SDV4500) or 8 hours (SDV8000) with continuous-fill boiler, ensuring that you can tackle even the largest cleaning jobs without interruption.
  • Detergent-injection system: The SDV models feature a detergent-injection system for lab-certified sanitization, providing superior cleaning and disinfection capabilities.
  • Removable waste-water tank: With a removable waste-water tank and locking lid, the SDV models make it easy to dispose of waste and keep your workspace clean and organized.

Invest in the Nilfisk SDV industrial steam cleaner today and experience these benefits for yourself. With its unbeatable performance and convenience, you won't be disappointed! 


About the Brand:

Nilfisk offers a broad range of professional cleaning machines and equipment tailored for commercial and industrial settings. With a century of experience, they prioritize durability, efficiency, and a cleaner work environment, alongside customized solutions and extensive support.


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