Tapiflex Excellence 80 | Heterogeneous Vinyl | Tarkett

The new Tapiflex Excellence 80 is an extremely durable AND acoustic vinyl flooring solution for heavy traffic applications. Thanks to its high-density foam backing, it offers an excellent sound reduction (19dB), good underfoot comfort and easy rollability, while offering a durable resistance to indentation (0,08mm).Being the largest colour and design range on the market, you can mix and match among the attractive and innovative hues and patterns to create unique ambiences.Tapiflex Excellence 80 is treated with our trademarked Top Clean XP surface protection for extreme durability and cost-effective maintenance. Also available as tiles and in compact version with Acczent Excellence 80, this collection is part of a fully-integrated solution including wall coverings, wetroom options and accessories.


Key Features:

  • Made in France
  • 127 stunning colours & designs with matt finish
  • Improved traffic resistance, with 0,80mm wear layer
  • 25% cost reduction in maintenance & cleaning
  • Full Floor, Wall and Stairs coordination


About The Brand

Tarkett provides diverse, high-quality flooring options for various spaces, blending style, functionality, and a commitment to sustainability. They are a go-to choice for architects and homeowners, offering extensive support services and eco-friendly selections.


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