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Titan Tool is renowned for its advanced professional paint sprayers, parts, and accessories, tailored for a wide range of applications from residential projects to large commercial endeavors.
The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of electric airless sprayers, including the Impact Series with models such as the Impact 410, designed for property maintenance and small commercial applications, up to the Impact 1040T, built for smooth texture and abrasive coatings.
Titan also provides elite options like the Elite 3000, powered by PermaStroke Technology™, which boasts a no-wear design with no need to replace the sprayer's piston, packings, or cylinder. For larger scale projects, the gas airless sprayers like the PowrBeast Series offer durable and powerful solutions.
The sprayers are enhanced by the innovative HydraStroke Technology™ and Severe Service™ fluid section for superior performance. In addition to heavy-duty sprayers, Titan has fine finishing systems like the Capspray Series, providing exceptional atomization for quality finishes.
Titan Tool's commitment to quality and performance positions them as a pivotal supplier for professional contractors seeking reliable and efficient painting solutions.